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Vidya Padmakumar

Comprehending nature's riveting mysteries

My research aims to understand the concepts and mechanisms which underly the complexities of the environment. I use advanced techniques and technologies to explore and investigate the scientific hypotheses my research leads to.

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About Me

Through hard work and dedication, I reached a milestone in my career when I graduated and became a researcher in 2015. Since then, my research has progressed and evolved into new projects driven by the results of my experimentation. I invite you to take a look at my published work to get a better idea of the fruits of my research labor. Feel free to get in touch with me to say hi or for more information about my work.

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My Work

Traversing through the walks of nature

Unlocking the complexity and immense interconnectedness of the scientific mechanisms which dictate the properties and processes of the natural world is a major goal of my research. To this end, I seek to acquire a detailed understanding of many systems and how these various systems function together to generate the observations and measurements from my experimentation. Have a look at some of my projects below.


Herpetofaunal Diversity


Mangrove Ecology


Avifaunal Diversity




Araneae Diversity


Algal Diversity

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